Our Services

We at FINE LINE approach every project with an array of design and production capability essential for the enhancement of particular space, which in turn becomes the reflection of one´s personality.

The company off er a new exciting and dynamic design/construct team based on a proven track record FINE LINE design with link to the construction of project Services offered will include: all artificial rock, water feature, fountain and block carving, floor stamp concrete, wooden carving, architectural decorative elements, gold leaf and venetian plaster, Dryvit stucco application, mural artwork and scenic painting, themed retail, and free standing sculptures.

Our major work GFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete products, having a wide range of custom made facade and architectural elements. GFRC properties are lightweight, durable and has a remarkable design elasticity such as wall panels, Columns, brackets, cornices and facades. As well as GFRP – Glass Fiber-Reinforced plastic.


Due to our professionals team & high skilled Artists, we had achieved

the fast work ship with the best quality in Venetian Projects.